Saturday, April 18, 2009

SEO For The Smart, NOT! Let's Work From Home

With a free blog you can get indexed into Google's organic search engine result pages(SERP). First let's talk about H1 tags. Notice the H1 tag says "Work At Home - Work From Home For Free!" The keyword "Work From Home" receives at least 600,000-1,000,000 searches on Google search engine within a month's time. The way I find a niche keyword is by using Google's very own keyword tool. Go ahead, and use what I call The Best Google Adwords Tool Ever because it's simplicity. Once you have searched and found the best keyword of your interest with a great significant amount of traffic....use that keyword in your H1 header of your blog. Now, all I have to do is create content for this blog just like what I'm doing now by posting this on my blog now, and sprinkle your main keyword around your content while hyper linking back to your blog using your main keyword. Now all I have to do is create backlinks for my blog.

Backlinks are the way Google determines the placement of your website or blog by determining the description relevancy of your keywords in your content, and backlinks. Remember, always use your keyword when making a comment on a blog. For instance, say that you are trying to rank for "Baby Food", when you make a comment on a blog you would type in the main keyword "The Best Baby Food" in the name section instead of just "Baby Food". Why? Because you want Google to see your blog's backlinks look as being natural as possible, especially if your blog or website is new. Use variations of the keywords when building links, such as, "My Baby Food Ingredients" or "The Best Baby Food", if you still haven't caught on....sooner or later you will get it. The reason we link this way so Google can rank our blogs instead of de-listing them we make them look extravagantly natural.

The best way to obtain backlinks for your blog is to leave comments on other blogs, using forums, social bookmarking websites, and article marketing like what we talked about before. Sooner or later people will notice my blog because of these search engine techniques. Take your time when you are obtaining these backlinks. I say link to as many as 10-15 blogs a day to look natural for the search engines. The competition out there is really fierce even for the keyword that I'm trying to rank for on Google search engine organic pages "work from home" is tough, and competitive. For now, I would suggest trying to rank for low-competition keywords or go head to head with tough competitors either way we still have to work hard to get to the top of the search engines. If you can find a keyword that receives 30,000 searches a month with the Google search engine results pages between 2,000,000 - 5,000,000 that's not bad. Remember when you use Google Adwords Tool set the "match type" on "Exact" because the search numbers amount for each keyword will look big, but there are ultimately not that many searches, remember this tool is for Google Adwords Network instead of SEO, but it gives you a great figure about the search volume for the keyword on Google's search engine.

Another great tool is Yahoo Keyword Tool because you can compare on both search engines search traffic. At first, Yahoo wants you to determine a few things before you use the search tool, but it's there, quick, and cool to use.

Just do your research on all front page of for the keyword you are trying to rank for. Check out the backlinks your competitors are using. I have a few that I use my self. Here they are.



When you are linking to different blogs to comment on or forums to post your hyper linked keyword signature.......Google wants you to link from Do-Follow blogs to receive Google search engine juice.

I haven't quite found these Do-follow blogs, but I have found a way to retrieve over 500 keywordluv blogs and tons of forums on the search engine. First, go to, then copy and paste This site uses KeywordLuv. Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to take advantage.inside the search bar and press "search". The Google results will return a ton of keyword luv blogs. These blogs are special because the owners of each blog will allow you to put your keyword inside the "name field" of the comment section so you won't be accused of spamming the blog as many would accuse you of, and will not post your comment. It will be deleted so comment well. When commenting on each blog use a real comment. Do not use comments like "Great blog, thanks"! Use real comments, read through the post, or at least scan through each blog post to make a true comment relating to the blog post. Another great strategy is to look at the other comments, and see what others have posted. This could be a huge way to obtain backlinks if you use it in a genuine way.

Hypertext Keyword Links on the Signatures of your account is hot these days. This is a wonderful way for you to obtain backlinks. Do this, go to and search for "Powered by Vbulletin". Once you have typed this inside Google's search engine you will find a ton of forums. Some of them accepts hypertext links on your profile, and some of them don't. Take your time when going through these list. Reply back to each post with a true reply, and you should do excellent with SEO. Remember, look natural to the search engines, good luck on your success. Next we are going to talk about adsense so be ready my future wealthy people

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Work From Home For Free

Where do you see yourself from years from now. Well, If you can't see pass the future I can! People are so tired out on there 7/11 shifts, and can not find the opportunity to reach higher goals of there wanting because the lack of understanding. Today, we are going to talk about the work from home industry. Truthfully it's a dream come true to be able to wake up in the morning, and say you have a $100,000 dollar monthly check in the mail every month doing nothing more than what I'm doing now. This is true! As a matter of fact many bloggers are making six-figure incomes every month doing just this, but there's more to it in order to achieve these goals online.

1. You need patience. I stress this a lot because the frustration is a mess if you let it get to you. Success takes time and testing. Patience is one the keys to this success.

2. You need a blog to talk about the things you know or want people to know. I would suggest registering a blog from or if you want a free blog other than hosting one yourself. Personally I'd rather have a free blog because I hate paying for bandwith, and it saves me money. The only reasons people pay for a domain is to have control of the way there blog or website looks, SEO reasons too, but we'll talk about SEO a little later.

If you do want to host your own blog, I would suggest using The reason why I love so much is because they have the auto-install blog for wordpress inside the package deal. All you have to do is got to your Cpanel, then press scripts, Afterwards, you will see the one button auto-install wordpress installation, button. Press it it once, and you're finshed. Therefore you don't have to use a FTP transfer to insert the script into your cpanel, but you still need the FTP transfer program. FTP stand for (File Transfer Protocol) used for transfer files from your computer to your hosting website. The one I use is Filezilla which is my all time favorite.

Once you have started up your FREE blog like "This One" you need some content on you blog. What I do is type up a post, and publish it on my blog every other day, but what are you going to write about? The first question you want to ask yourself is, what is my interest? It can be toys, cars, or your pants. It really don't matter as long as you have something that interest you, and you are content with it. What are people looking for online anyways? Tons of really can't imagine the traffic the internet gets every single day I mean billions every sing day. People buy stuff from offline which is why we work from home online like me.

4. What are going to sell online. You can go to these websites to find something to sell!
- provides informational E-book products for you to sell online. People sell these programs online, and allows other webmasters to sell these products for them. You could make tons of money with these E-books. These are the "how to" products, for instance, "how to make money", or "how to loose weight".
- If you want to sell stuff from Walmart, Target, Dell Computers, etc. Commission Junction has partnered with some of the top companies in the world.

There are tons of networking companies like the two up top that will allow you to market there products for them. Remember, these networks will provide you with links and banners to place on your website or blog for your visitors to click on.

5. How do you get traffic for your blogs? These are some places to get your traffic.

Social Networks

Social Bookmarking

"Use as much related tags as you can so people can find you”

Yahoo Bookmarks
Mister Wong

Publish, and write Articles on..........

Ezine Articles
Go Articles

Use these to obtain traffic on your blogs, next session we will talk about SEO! SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". Getting a top #1 spot from Google search engine for your top keyword can be your retirement from the 9-5, get ready for the butter for your corn :-)